Friday 24, Saturday 25 and Sunday August 26
  • Friday 24/08 7pm – 9pm
  • Saturday 25/08 12 noon – 2pm
  • Sunday 26/08 12 noon – 2pm

Join Inge to discover the power of the traditional Ashtanga Yoga Method: Mysore style.

Ashtanga is a series of postures (asanas) connected by the breath. In the Mysore style you go through (part of) the series on your own pace. The teacher gives advice, assists where needed and teaches new postures (also when you forgot a posture). This class is a great way to deepen your practice. When you have built up enough power, endurance, flexibility and concentration, the teacher will teach you new postures.

More info about ashtanga yoga? The ashtanga series are fixed and are designed for daily self practice, gradually building up posture by posture, often under the guidance of a teacher (Mysore style). Through synchronization of the breath with the movement, the series becomes one continuous “flow”. Going through the same series time and time again has a meditative effect. The more you get to know the postures, the deeper and more effortlessly you can go into them. Since you know the order of postures, you can focus your attention on your own body instead of listening to the teacher. The teacher in return, has more freedom to give you hands-on assistance. The most visible product of Ashtanga is sweat; the practice of asanas creates heat, warming up the blood and muscles. This eliminates waste products from the organs and connective tissue and makes your body supple and healthy.

For who?

The weekend is suitable for all levels. Knowledge of sun salutations A and B is required. It is also recommended to join a couple of times the Ashtanga Led class on Wednesday before you start with Mysore. 

Price and registration conditions

Registration is required. You need to register for the three classes so that you can experience the effect of a daily practice.

  • If you have a ten times card or have a monthly membership, the Friday class can be covered by your ten times card or one class of your monthly membership. You pay 40 euro for the remaining part of the weekend. Please use the coupon code “card-on-friday” before you complete the online payment.
  • If you don’t have a ten times card or monthly membership, you pay 60 euro.

The workshop takes place as of 7 participants (maximum 20). In case there are no sufficient participants, the workshop will be cancelled and registration fee will be refunded. 

Important: If you have a ten times card or month card: please use the coupon code “card-on-friday” before you complete the online payment.

60,00 € In winkelmand

Registration is only confirmed once you received an email with a link to a downloadable ticket.

Registration cannot be cancelled and registration fee will not be refunded. In case you cannot attend, you can give your registration to somebody else.