28-29 november 2015

Chris Kourtinatos en Maya Devi Georg, gepassioneerde yogaleraars met een indrukwekkende achtergrond, komen terug naar FlowingYOGA. Je kan deelnemen aan 2 boeiende workshops vinyasa yoga en een yin & yang yoga workshop.

De workshops zijn in het Engels.

Zaterdag 28 november, 10u tot 12u

Session 1 – Undesking: Freeing The Psoas and Spine! (Chris Kourtinatos)

Too many of us make our living sitting at a desk and its killing us. Our shoulders slump, our backs get stiff and weak, and our psoas gets shorter…and weaker. What we need is undesking or as we say it with our German students; entschreibtischen! The Psoas muscle (pronounced so-as) is the deepest muscle of the human body affecting our structural balance, muscular integrity, flexibility, strength, range of motion, joint mobility, and organ functioning. But it is also far more than a core stabilizing muscle; it is an organ of perception composed of bio-intelligent tissue and literally embodies our deepest urge for survival and also our deep desire to flourish. A relaxed psoas is the mark of play and creative expression and by cultivating a healthy psoas, we can rekindle our body’s vital energies by learning to reconnect with the life force of the universe. A flexible and strong psoas grounds us and allows subtle energies to flow through the bones, muscles and joints. A tight and shortened psoas pulls the spine out of alignment and begins a chain reaction of muscles springing into action to keep it upright – leading to lower back and abdominal soreness and lack of mobility. And today the combination of so much sitting and our fast paced modern lifestyle chronically triggers and tightens the psoas – making it ready to fight or flee. The psoas helps you to spring into action – or curls you up into a protective ball. At the same time we spend too much time sitting in chairs, further shortening and tightening our psoas, leading to painful conditions including low back pain, sacroiliac pain, sciatica, disc problems, spondylolysis, scoliosis, hip degeneration, knee pain, menstruation pain, infertility, and digestive problems. In this workshop, we’ll learn not only how to lengthen, open, and strengthen the psoas and spinal area– but how to keep it that way so we can remove fear from our core, stand and walk with correct posture, feel more powerful and free in our asana practice…and life! Counts as continuing education credit for registered yoga teachers recognized by the Yoga Alliance.

This workshop is suited for all levels.

Zaterdag 28 november, 14u tot 16u

Session 2 – Let’s Do The Splits! (Maya Devi Georg)

Splits require us to take extend our legs, stretching them out to the side, or one leg forward and the other back. This requires loose legs and hips, and a range of motion that combines elements of forward and backward bending. No, its not impossible – it just takes some work! It does not matter if you can do these poses. You may not come into the full versions in the workshop either. What you will learn are the techniques build the strength and flexibility to come safely into splits (hanumanasana) and straddle (side splits). Come join Maya Devi Georg, E-RYT 500 for an amazing workshop on how to approach these challenging and rewarding poses!

This workshop is suited for all levels + students, no absolute beginners.

Zondag 29 november, 10u tot 12u

Session 3 – Yin-Yasa: The Fusion of Yin and Vinyasa Yoga. (Chris Kourtinatos)

By fusing Yin yoga with Vinyasa flow, we create an integrated, balanced yoga practice. The first 45 minutes of Yin work help release the connective tissues, create space and integrity in the joints and remove blockages to internal energy flow. Focusing on the hips, pelvis, lower back and knees, the Yin postures keep the core supple. The hour-long Yang section is a flowing repetition of movements requiring strength and balance, while emphasizing breath work and internal locks. The heat and internal awareness generated in the Yang portion build on the releases cultivated during the Yin series. A reverse version is also available starting with vinyasa yoga, moving to yin yoga, then finishing with 30 minutes of yoga nidra and deep relaxation. Counts as continuing education credit for registered yoga teachers recognized by the Yoga Alliance. This workshop is suited for all levels

Over Chris en Maya

Chris Kourtinatos is a yoga teacher and writer based in Stuttgart, Germany. A dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher (who first learned from his mother at the age of seven), he combines three decades of practice along with over two decades of group fitness and outdoor leadership experience into his teaching and he enjoys helping students break through to new levels of ability and self-belief. While his classes vary, his signature style is a vinyasa-based mix infused with humor, kick-your-asana power flow sequences, and longer stretches for a deep opening of the body. Chris trained with Doug Swenson and his influences also include Swami Chetanananda, Meta Hirschl, David Swenson, and Tias Little. He currently teaches at various studios in Germany, as well as teaching workshops and events around the US and Europe. Together with his partner Maya Devi Georg, he co-leads the MahaLakshmi Yoga School in Stuttgart, Germany where he teaches workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings in Europe. Chris has written for or appeared in Origin Magazine, Elephant Journal, Flow Yoga Magazine, LA Yoga, Integral Yoga Magazine, Yoga Journal Online, and Politico and his work has been translated into German, Greek, Polish, and Spanish. Maya Devi Georg is a yoga teacher, writer and editor at www.BrahmalokaOrBust.com and writer for Yoganonymous. She is also the co-founder and co-director of MahaLakshmi Yoga School and its Teacher Training Programs. Maya’s classes are challenging, encouraging, and fun as she leads students to new breakthroughs in the practice. She has studied with Swami Bua, Swami Jnanand, and Yogi Gupta (among many other amazing teachers). Studying since 1999, and teaching since 2002, she has also lead teacher trainings since 2004. She currently lives in Stuttgart, Germany with her partner Chris Courtney, and their dog Spitha Canis. Maya has written for or appeared in Yoganonymous, Origin Magazine, Sadhana Magazine, Mantra Yoga and Health Magazine, Yoga Journal Online and her work has been translated into German, Greek, Polish, and Spanish.


• 1 sessie 45 euro

• 2 sessies 70 euro

• 3 sessies 95 euro


Je kan enkel registreren via het online registratieformulier en dit voor 20 november. Je inschrijving is pas definitief na betaling binnen de 5 werkdagen in de studio of door overschrijving op het rekeningnummer van FlowingYOGA: BE74 7340 3703 4407. Vergeet niet als mededeling ‘workshop 1 en/of 2 en/of 3 Chris en Maya + volledige naam’ in te geven. Indien het inschrijvingsgeld niet ontvangen is binnen de 5 werkdagen na inschrijving, dan wordt je registratie geannuleerd. Inschrijving kan niet geannuleerd worden en het inschrijvingsgeld wordt niet terugbetaald. Als je toch niet kan komen, dan kan je iemand anders je plaats laten innemen.


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