Sunday September 1, 2019 Led Class 8:00-9:45 / Workshop 11:15-13:15

Prior to the Mysore week, Mattia will teach an ashtanga led class on Sunday morning followed by a workshop on yoga philosophy and pranayama. Everybody is welcome to both sessions. In between the led class and the workshop, you can have your breakfast in the garden if the weather is nice.

More info on the yoga philosophy and pranayama workshop:

An introduction to the eight limbs of yoga and on how to apply its philosophy to the practice and in one’s life. We will discover how to include yoga philosophy to the practice on the mat and how this can change one’s day-to-day life. The workshop will not be merely theoretical, as we will leave space to a pranayama class in which we will learn some breathing technique to energize and equalize our body. Last part of the workshop will be left to answer to student’s questions. 

Often times yoga is taught only in its purely physical form; do not miss this unique opportunity to discover and re-appreciate yoga from its profound philosophical roots while bringing home a rare pranayama technique. 

Registration and price

Registration is required.

€20 for the ashtanga led class:

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€30 for the workshop yoga philosophy and pranayama:

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€40 if you sign up for both the led class and the workshop

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The workshop takes place as of 10 participants. In case there are no sufficient participants, the workshop will be cancelled and registration fee will be refunded. 

Registration is only confirmed once you received an email with a link to a downloadable ticket.

Registration cannot be cancelled and registration fee will not be refunded. In case you cannot attend, you can give your registration to somebody else.

About Mattia Michielan

Mattia believes yoga ought to be lived not practiced only on the mat. Ashtanga Yoga is a great vehicle to purify the body and to learn to tame the mind. After a decade of daily and constant practice, Mattia daily experiences the deep transformative qualities of Ashtanga. 

“What you do on the mat, the way you behave and approach each practice is simply mirroring your life choices. Because practice is a school of life.”

After living in India for years, Mattia moved to Leuven where he studied philosophy and taught yoga and meditation for four years. Fully devoted to the yoga path, three years ago he moved back to Mysore, India, to study and assist his teacher BNS Iyengar, last living legend of Asthanga Yoga.