Thursday August 15 2019 9:30-11:15


“Life is a balance of holding and letting go”- Rumi

Thursday 15 August, a day off, perfect for a long(er) Vinyasa Yoga class with some Summer vibes.

Come and enjoy this XL Vinyasa Yoga class with Joni on backbends, building up towards urdhva dhanurasana (bridge pose) and all its playful options. Opening, strengthening and lengthening the spine, the chest, the sides of our body. A practice on letting go with free flows and sometimes holding on to strengthen our mind, ready for new adventures and challenges. And of course, a nice, soothening savasana with relaxing music and summerly essential oil for those who want. The focus will be on learning through action, done carefully and with room for questions and trial and error.

If you want to feel rejuvenated and energized, ready for September than register today for this XL Vinyasa Yogaclass.

For who?

All levels+ yogi(ni)’s: For these classes you need to be familiar with the basics of yoga asanas by having followed about 10 beginners classes such as Easyflow or Ashtanga Basics.


Class will be given by Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher Joni Asselbergs.

Price and registration:

  • If you have a 10 class pass: 2 classes
  • If you have a membership: one session of your membership + 11 euro to be paid cash in the studio, 10 euro for students.
  • If you take drop in classes: 22 euro or 20 euro for students

Payment needs to be done in the studio the day of the workshop (remember we only accept cash).

Please register by August 12. If we don’t have 6 registrations by August 12, the class will be cancelled.

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