Saturday 21 September 2019 14:00-16:00


Let today be the start of something

You’re thinking about trying out a dynamic yoga class, such as Easyflow, Vinyasa and/or Ashtanga Yoga? Good for you! Still have some questions? That’s ok. We all had doubts when we started. Know, that you can always address our teachers, if you have any questions. If you want a small head start or you just started and you want to learn more about the basics of a dynamic yoga class, than come to our beginners’ workshop on September 21.

After this workshop, you will know what to expect from a dynamic yoga class. Learn the difference between the yoga styles FlowingYoga offers. Become familiar with basic postures, its benefits, how to finetune the individual parts, and how to correct common mistakes. Experience that there are different options for any type of person. After exploring the fundaments, feel the vibes during a slow flow class of one hour and get any question answered in an open and safe environment.

For who? For beginners but experienced yogi(ni)’s are of course also invited to deepen their (home) practice.


Class will be given by Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher Joni Asselbergs.


  • If you have a 10 class pass: 2 classes
  • If you have a membership: one session of your membership + 11 euro to be paid cash in the studio, 10 euro for students.
  • If you take drop in classes: 22 euro or 20 euro for students

Payment needs to be done in the studio the day of the workshop (remember we only accept cash).

Please register by September 17. If we don’t have 6 registrations by September 17, the class will be cancelled

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