Katrien Marent

Katrien is manager of FlowingYOGA. She gives dynamic vinyasa yoga classes in which you are invited to challenge your body and mind, to have fun and to find harmony and peace. She balances her dynamic yoga practice with calming yin yoga, yin and yang yoga and restorative yoga.

She started practicing clubyoga (a combination of taichi, yoga and pilates) in 2005.

In 2008, she traveled to India where she came in touch with authentic dynamic yoga classes. After this travel, she was convinced that yoga was the way to bring balance in her hectic life as marketing and communication specialist and she was committed to share this experience with others. So, she started teaching clubyoga in SportOase Leuven. Meanwhile she developed a daily yoga practice by joining classes at Antwerpyoga.

Beginning 2010, she got the opportunity to start teaching vinyasa yoga in SportOase Leuven. At that time, she applied for a 500 hour vinyasa yoga teacher training by Patrick and Gosta from Svahayoga in Amsterdam. She successfully concluded this intensive training in June 2011, which gave her a comprehensive background in philosophy, asanas, pranayama, anatomy, kirtan, …

She’s excited that she could bring this life changing experience to Leuven by founding FlowingYOGA in 2011.

She continuously deepens her knowledge by following workshops every time she gets the opportunity in Belgium but also during her many travels all around the world (60 hours bhakti flow immersion training with Rusty Wells, 30 hours intermediate ashtanga teacher training with Manju Jois, Michael Hamilton, 100 hours Janet Stone, …).

She is also certified as a relax and renew trainer by Judith Hanson Lasater (30 hours training and 30 hours assisting).

Inge Wauters

Inge’s first introduction to yoga dates back to her teenage years. When her hobby intensive gymnastics became difficult to combine with her studies, her search for an alternative led to a yoga vacation. This was a fascinating first yoga experience.

About 20 years later, yoga got a permanent place in her life. Besides a job and a busy family life, there was also a need for incorporating moments of rest, relaxation and reflection. For several years she took a weekly yoga class with Jacques Gheysen.

After a while there was more room to deepen her practice and explore yoga in all its facets.

Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Prana flow yoga became her favorites and soon she didn’t want to miss classes and their impact.

Out of curiosity to find out more about these dynamic yoga forms, she decided to take a 200 hour Ashtanga yoga teacher training at the Ashtanga Yoga Academy of Annemieke van der Zouwen early 2013. Inge continues to deepen her knowledge and skills. She successfully completed a teacher training with Manju Jois and a pregnancy yoga teacher training. She regularly attends workshops such as a workshop with Kino MacGregor.

Inge is excited to share in her classes her enthusiasm about the positive effects she has experienced in practicing these dynamic yoga forms.

Sophie Vitse

Sophie has a passion for movement and work with children and adults. She has several years of experience as a dance teacher, educator and socio-cultural worker. On a trip through India, Sophie came into contact with yoga. She observed that practicing yoga relaxed her dynamic mind and she discovered the many benefits yoga has to offer!

Through yoga she finds balance in her life. Sophie successfully completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training led by Joachim Meire and a teacher training child yoga at You-Ki and Heppie Zen. Fascinated by the versatility of yoga, she continues to learn by attending all kinds of classes and workshops.

Sorina Ursachi

Sorina came in touch with yoga in Helsinki, Finland where she practiced for a few months Hatha yoga with an Indian Buddhist monk. She really enjoyed the experience and soon after, she also got a chance to teach yoga to children, in a kindergarten in Finland, where she was working as an English teacher.

Sorina has a degree in English language and literature and a Master in European studies. When she moved to Belgium, she started taking the yoga practice really seriously and started practicing Ashtanga yoga. With changing country and with yoga growing on her, she gave more and more into the idea of teaching it. Her teacher really supported and encouraged her to take a teacher training. She has completed a 200hr teacher training in Gent with Yogalife (a Yoga Alliance registered school) and she continues to upgrade her knowledge with undertaking trainings.

She has been working in a few places, but the journey as a yoga teacher and practitioner is only starting to truly blossom. Teaching yoga is for her a way (and challenge!) to give back to other people some of the joy and peace and meaning that she got and found while practicing yoga herself.

Barbara Van der Mersch

Barbara has been combining working with travelling for several years. On one of her travels in 2011, she tried out a yoga class in Peru. She was a gymnast when she was younger and was drawn to yoga because it reminded her of those times. However, when she tried her first class, she realized it was more to it than the physical movements. Concentrating on the breathing, she found herself being in the moment, which was a turning point in her life. She has always been a fast-paced person and through yoga she found a balance in herself which she couldn’t live without anymore after she experienced that. There was a yoga teacher training going on when she was in Peru and she said to herself, ‘one day when I have more experience, I’d love to become a teacher’.

In 2014, she was able to make that dream come true. She came across a poster in Thailand that said a yoga teacher training was starting within a week on the island of Koh Phangan. She had the time and the motivation, so she went for it. It was a fantastic experience which only added to her love for yoga. She followed a general Hatha training but next to that she learned how to teach Vinyasa, Yin&Yang and Yin classes as well. As an addition to teaching yoga, she took a training in Thai Massage which perfectly compliments her yoga knowledge, since this type of massage is named ‘Passive Yoga’.

She enjoys learning more as she goes along the yoga path but the most important lesson that still influences her own practice is how to get back to the moment through breathing, how to find strength in her own stillness through movement. She hopes to inspire others the same way she was inspired through this physical and spiritual practice.

Vicky Van Loock

“Maybe the journey is not so much about becoming anything. Maybe it is about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”

Vicky discovered yoga during a time-out due to an injury. The physical pain was hard to bear. But that pain was far more manageable than dealing with the inner storm, realizing she needed to learn how to relax her mind. After her first yoga class – easyflow at FlowingYOGA– she felt grounded yet at the same time filled with energy. She instantly knew yoga meant more than a practice to her. The injury healed, Vicky kept on discovering yoga through classes and workshops. During a retreat in Ibiza she realized she would love to share the magic of yoga with other yogi’s, inspire them like many other teachers inspired her. She successfully followed a 200h yoga teacher training in Ghent with Joachim Meire. Her teaching style is both gentle and dynamic.

Erica Lutes

Erica from America, as some call her, thought she was coming to Leuven for a one year masters program. Over a decade later she is still growing her roots and thriving in this amazing city. Her passion for connecting people and empowering others led her to giving yoga. She loves just about everything that has to do with yoga: discovering yourself, healing your mind and body and soul through the practice, letting go of the past and using strength to find kindness and balance. In her classes you will find carefully planned music, classes with a theme, her use of essential oils, hands on adjustments and occasionally playing her harmonium. She loves giving anything  from power yoga to yoga therapy to soothing restorative yoga and to all types of people like seniors, kids, and she volunteers at the prison giving yoga. She has a 300 hour yoga certificate and a special training with the Yoga Prison project. She has given yoga in  a half dozen countries around the world.

Anita Joachims

Anita is very passionate about running. She has been running long distance for over more than 20 years. A few years ago she attended a demonstration of aerial yoga. Surprised by the dynamic and playfull aspect of aerial yoga she decided to give it a try and soon she paid a weekly visit to the yoga studio. Without realizing,  she took her first steps towards Ashtanga yoga. She only discovered the power of conscious breathing when she met yoga teacher Jane Cargill in Jamaica.

After a while she wanted to know more about yoga. She tried out restorative yoga, critical alignment yoga and vinyasa yoga and one day she went to the Ashtanga Basics class at FlowingYOGA. Yoga teacher Aga paved the way to a more holistic view on yoga. After attending an inspiring workshop with David Swenson, Anita decided to take the Ashtanga yoga teacher training by Annemieke van der Zouwen at the Ashtanga Yoga Academy followed by a workshop with Manju Jois. In the mean time she also did a workshop with Petri Räisänen.

The passion for running is still there and the passion for Ashtanga yoga is growing stronger everyday. Anita would like to share her passion with you!

Nele Matthys

In 2015 Nele unsuspectingly stepped into her first yoga class and she has continued to do so! Nele has always done lots of sports, has danced and walked a lot but she noticed that yoga did something very different with and for her.

Her yoga mat has been her safe haven ever since. A place of rest, relaxation and turning inside. A place where she gets to know and understand herself better, where she experiments with her body and mind. Where she meets her limits, she explores, respects and shifts. On days that she shines but also (and certainly) on bale days, her yoga mat is always there to bring balance.

Every day she still notices that yoga is a special connection between body and mind. The desire to pass this on was not resisted. In 2018 she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training under the guidance of Joachim Meire and since then she continues to find it important to train and be inspired by other teachers.

In her classes she wants to introduce you to the different yoga postures and what yoga can do for her in your daily life in a well-founded and safe way. Everything to get to know yourself better, on and off the mat.

Nele is looking forward to taking you along on this fascinating path!

Camila Chovet

Camila started yoga when she was a teenager. Her mom suggested her to go with her to help cope with stress. Since she went to her first vinyasa class in 2007, she was completely hooked. After a few years, she also started Ashtanga classes. In 2018, she decided to take the opportunity to become a teacher and obtained her 200h vinyasa teacher certification. Her classes are a combination of challenging postures with further stretch and relaxation. She hopes to bring with her classes those same positive and energetic feelings she felt as a student.

Jan Theunis

In 2006, Jan entered the unknown world of yoga for the first time. Shoes off, lights dimmed and a mixture of soft asanas, pranayama and a touch of yoga nidra. He was hooked. From the first class yoga brought connection of body and mind, of yin and yang, of doing and being. Over the years his path gradually went from the soft hatha yoga to the dynamic vinyasa, in search of strength, suppleness and challenge. Eventually his quest for deepening led to the teacher training of Joachim Meire in Ghent. In June 2019, he successfully completed that training and since then he is regularly on the mat as a teacher. He tries to convey the connection and deepening he has learned on his yoga path.