Anita Joachims

Anita is very passionate about running. She has been running long distance for over more than 20 years. A few years ago she attended a demonstration of aerial yoga. Surprised by the dynamic and playfull aspect of aerial yoga she decided to give it a try and soon she paid a weekly visit to the yoga studio. Without realizing,  she took her first steps towards Ashtanga yoga. She only discovered the power of conscious breathing when she met yoga teacher Jane Cargill in Jamaica.

After a while she wanted to know more about yoga. She tried out restorative yoga, critical alignment yoga and vinyasa yoga and one day she went to the Ashtanga Basics class at FlowingYOGA. Yoga teacher Aga paved the way to a more holistic view on yoga. After attending an inspiring workshop with David Swenson, Anita decided to take the Ashtanga yoga teacher training by Annemieke van der Zouwen at the Ashtanga Yoga Academy followed by a workshop with Manju Jois. In the mean time she also did a workshop with Petri Räisänen.

The passion for running is still there and the passion for Ashtanga yoga is growing stronger everyday. Anita would like to share her passion with you!