Erica Lutes

Erica from America, as some call her, thought she was coming to Leuven for a one year masters program. Over a decade later she is still growing her roots and thriving in this amazing city. Her passion for connecting people and empowering others led her to giving yoga. She loves just about everything that has to do with yoga: discovering yourself, healing your mind and body and soul through the practice, letting go of the past and using strength to find kindness and balance. In her classes you will find carefully planned music, classes with a theme, her use of essential oils, hands on adjustments and occasionally playing her harmonium. She loves giving anything  from power yoga to yoga therapy to soothing restorative yoga and to all types of people like seniors, kids, and she volunteers at the prison giving yoga. She has a 300 hour yoga certificate and a special training with the Yoga Prison project. She has given yoga in  a half dozen countries around the world.