Nele Matthys

In 2015 Nele unsuspectingly stepped into her first yoga class and she has continued to do so! Nele has always done lots of sports, has danced and walked a lot but she noticed that yoga did something very different with and for her.

Her yoga mat has been her safe haven ever since. A place of rest, relaxation and turning inside. A place where she gets to know and understand herself better, where she experiments with her body and mind. Where she meets her limits, she explores, respects and shifts. On days that she shines but also (and certainly) on bale days, her yoga mat is always there to bring balance.

Every day she still notices that yoga is a special connection between body and mind. The desire to pass this on was not resisted. In 2018 she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training under the guidance of Joachim Meire and since then she continues to find it important to train and be inspired by other teachers.

In her classes she wants to introduce you to the different yoga postures and what yoga can do for her in your daily life in a well-founded and safe way. Everything to get to know yourself better, on and off the mat.

Nele is looking forward to taking you along on this fascinating path!