Friday November 1, 2019 9:30-11:15


“When the roots are deep, there’s no reason to fear the wind” – Yoga Pili

Autumn is here, leaves are changing color and falling, a season of change. Some days are sunny, some are windy and cold. That hot Summer seems a long time ago, you managed September with all its challenges and maybe you’re already looking forward to the coziness of December … Thankfully, we have yoga! Time for a long(er) XL Vinyasa Yoga class so you can feel balanced, strong and ready to go.

Deepen your practice during this XL Vinyasa Yoga class with relaxing meditation, playful sun salutations to feel anchored, core cultivation exercises to stay strong, slowly but certainly building up towards bujapidasana and astavakrasana and finishing off with a well-deserved savasana with optionally a soothing head and neck massage.  Sounds good, right? The emphasis will be on learning through action with extra attention towards the peak poses and room for trial and error.

For who?

All levels +: You need to be familiar with the basics of yoga asanas by having followed about 10 beginners’ classes such as Easyflow or Ashtanga Basics.


Class will be given by Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher Joni Asselbergs.


  • If you have a 10 class pass: 2 classes
  • If you have a membership: one session of your membership + 11 euro to be paid cash in the studio, 10 euro for students.
  • If you take drop in classes: 22 euro or 20 euro for students

Payment needs to be done in the studio the day of the workshop (remember we only accept cash).

Please register by October 27. If we don’t have 6 registrations by October 27, the class will be cancelled

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