Ashtanga is a series of postures (asanas) connected by the breath. This style combines sequential, flowing movements with focused internal awareness. The series are fixed and are designed for daily self practice, gradually building up posture by posture, often under the guidance of a teacher (Mysore style). Through synchronization of the breath with the movement, the series becomes one continuous “flow”. Going through the same series time and time again has a meditative effect. The more you get to know the postures, the deeper and more effortlessly you can go into them. Since you know the order of postures, you can focus your attention on your own body instead of listening to the teacher. The teacher in return, has more freedom to give you hands-on assistance. The most visible product of Ashtanga is sweat; the practice of asanas creates heat, warming up the blood and muscles. This eliminates waste products from the organs and connective tissue and makes your body supple and healthy.

Ashtanga Mysore style:

In the Mysore style you go through (part of) the series. The teacher gives advice, assists where needed and teaches new postures (also when you forgot a posture). This class is a great way to deepen your practice. When you have built up enough power, endurance, flexibility and concentration, the teacher will teach you new postures.

Please bring a towel with you so that the teacher can adjust you with your own towel (which is much more pleasant).

The class is suitable for all levels. Knowledge of sun salutations A and B is required. It is also recommended to join a couple of times the Ashtanga Led class on Wednesday before you start with Mysore. 

Ashtanga Full Primary:

The Indian Mysore style practice has been modified for Western needs into a led class. In a led class, the teacher guides everybody through the series at the same pace. Through synchronization of the breath with the movement, the series becomes one continuous “flow”.

The whole primary series is suitable for everyone with at least 6 months of experience. 

Ashtanga Half Primary:

In the Ashtanga half primary only part of the full primary series is practiced. The class has a lower pace and there is more time for options.

The class is suitable for new students to more advanced students.

Ashtanga Basics:

Ashtanga Basics is a shorter Led class that is ideal for new students who want a dynamic practice. The postures are explained in detail. Much attention is given to the basic principles of ashtanga yoga. The class is slower and only part of the whole series is practiced.

The class is suitable for absolute beginners.