Hatha Yoga

“Ha” can be translated as sun and “tha” as moon. One is not possible without the other. Hatha yoga helps you to experience the unity between two extremes, to unite opposites, to experience balance between body and mind, between thinking and feeling, between yourself and the other.

Each class consists of pranayama (breathing exercises), asanas (postures) and savasana (relaxation).

The hatha yoga class is taught in a gentle, meditative way. Each class is different, the postures are usually practiced separately with a lot of attention for body awareness. Each posture can be adapted to your needs and possibilities. You become much more aware of your body, your breath, your senses, your thoughts. This helps you to feel more at ease with yourself, in body and mind.

We also look into the background of yoga, so that you understand how your yoga practice fits within the broader framework of yoga philosophy.

This class is very well suited for beginners, people recovering from injuries or if you just want to take it easy.