Vinyasa is a dynamic yoga class. We synchronize movement on the breath in creative flows. Unlike the fixed sequence in ashtanga, every vinyasa class is different. It is always a discovery. There is room for specific areas of attention (e.g. hip openers, core stability, …) for music, …

Anything is possible leaving you to discover new possibilities and new limits. You never quite know what to expect so you learn to concentrate, follow and accept. Vinyasa is fun.

You will discover muscles that you didn’t know you had. It strengthens your body, makes you more flexible, balances your body and relaxes your mind. In our vinyasa classes we apply the principle of Vinyasa Krama or perfectly linking the asanas (postures) in a sequence making it a meditation in movement. The asanas are broken down in fluent movements so that you are brought in a perfect way into the postures.

There are different levels of classes from beginners to advanced.