Monday September 2, 2019 – Friday September 6, 2019
Opening prayer at 6:00 am - Closing prayer at 9:00 am

You can start as early as 6:00 am and please leave the room before 9:15 am

The traditional Ashtanga Yoga Method sees a six days per week practice to be done at dawn, like most spiritual activities in India. This is what is known as Mysore Style Ashtanga yoga. Each posture is connected to the next by the breath, each student practicing following and listening their own breath will delve into an active meditation.  

Each early morning the Indian city of Mysore sees crowds of yogis walking towards their practice, as so it happens worldwide in all Ashtanga shala. This week will be your chance to be part of this global (r)evolution. Each student will have specific teaching and adjustments on the series of Ashtanga Yoga.  

Everybody is fit to join this wonderful workshop and encounter the benefit of a practice that will bring health at the physical and mental state. Beginners will learn the correct breathing and sequence when more advanced students will be adjusted in the smallest details so to allow the energy to circulate as prescribed.  

Ashtanga practice on the mat is a mirror to one’s life: each day a struggle and a challenge will arise, each day the student guided by the teacher and the breath will learn to overcome it. Each day of practice will be a day of growth and the energy and vibration of the practice will be strongly present throughout the day.  

About Mattia Michielan

Mattia believes yoga ought to be lived not practiced only on the mat. Ashtanga Yoga is a great vehicle to purify the body and to learn to tame the mind. After a decade of daily and constant practice, Mattia daily experiences the deep transformative qualities of Ashtanga. 

“What you do on the mat, the way you behave and approach each practice is simply mirroring your life choices. Because practice is a school of life.”

After living in India for years, Mattia moved to Leuven where he studied philosophy and taught yoga and meditation for four years. Fully devoted to the yoga path, three years ago he moved back to Mysore, India, to study and assist his teacher BNS Iyengar, last living legend of Asthanga Yoga.

Challenge yourself, learn to delve deep inside you and do not miss this rare and precious teaching coming directly from India. 

Registration and price

Registration is required.

  • Full workshop – 5 days:

    100,00 € In winkelmand

  • You can also join for 3 days:

    75,00 € In winkelmand

  • We don’t allow students to join only one day since we want to encourage you to have the experience of a daily practice.

The workshop takes place as of 10 participants. In case there are no sufficient participants, the workshop will be cancelled and registration fee will be refunded. 

Registration is only confirmed once you received an email with a link to a downloadable ticket.

Registration cannot be cancelled and registration fee will not be refunded. In case you cannot attend, you can give your registration to somebody else.