29 maart 2014 – 14u tot 17u

The body is the repository of the physical, mental and emotional tensions we carry. When left unresolved, we often end up “wearing” these tensions rather than releasing them in a healthy manner. Without attention these tensions tend to settle in the weakest points in our body and can manifest as chronic tension and pain, cause poor alignment and health imbalances and perpetuate stressful thinking habits.  Using a variety of assisted postures, participants will experience being fully supported in a series of yoga poses which allow you to specifically target imbalanced physical and energetic holding patterns without strain. Through the deep release of these ingrained tensions, participants report measurable shifts in physical capacity, improved physical vitality, greater postural alignment and insight into emotional patterns manifesting as physical imbalance in the body. 

  • Learn how the body is the mind made visible.
  • Understand the basic tenets of Yoga Therapy and how it resolves visible imbalances from subtle and unseen levels.
  • Experience a body scan which allows you to discover specific connections between holding in the body and tensions in the mind.
  • Experience Yoga Therapy at the wall, with props, and assisted by a partner to very specifically target and release the build-up of subtle energetic tensions in the body and mind.
  • Understand how to use your regular asana practice to release holding patterns on an ongoing basis.

In addition to enhancing personal practice, this workshop provides valuable tools and information for yoga teachers, therapists, health professionals and bodyworkers.

Over Kamini Desai


For the last 20 years Kamini has created an exciting and versatile body of teachings combining western psychology and eastern philosophy.

Trained at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health with degrees in Anthropology and Psychology from Smith College and La Salle University, Kamini has served as Director of Wellness at Yarrow, an executive retreat center in Michigan, and on faculty of the Foxhollow Leadership Center. She is also the developer of the core program curriculum of the Amrit Yoga Institute – a center for advanced studies dedicated to the science and system of integrated human development.

Her hands-on, experiential style of teaching has been welcomed in over 10 countries around the world including England, Holland, Belgium, France, Portugal, Turkey, Iceland, Italy, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Mexico and throughout the United States and Canada.

In addition to her work in assisting individuals towards higher levels of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, Kamini delivers corporate training through a proven system of Professional Energy Management which meets the growing demand for a skilled, motivated and productive workforce that can effectively navigate the changing corporate landscape of today. Some of her best known clients have included Sony, KPN Telecom and Mars Confectionary as well as the Department of Defense and the Internal Revenue Service of the Netherlands.

Kamini conducts the Amrit Yoga Teacher Training and the Yoga Nidra Professional Training at the 500-hour level for aspiring yoga teachers. She is currently spending more time in communities across the United States with the intention of sharing the scope and depth of these teachings with people of all interests and walks of life.

Kamini is certified as an E-RYT in yoga instruction. She is also certified in contact partner yoga, yoga therapy, massage therapy, danskinetics, and holistic health education. She speaks Dutch, French, and English.


45 euro

Registratie: De workshop is VOLZET, je kan je nog inschrijven voor de reservelijst door een mailtje te sturen naar info@flowingyoga.be. Je zal enkele dagen voor de workshop een email krijgen indien er een plaatsje vrij gekomen is. 

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